FileMaker Database Recovery – Restore Lost Database Items on Mac

What is FileMaker?

FileMaker is a database application which integrates a database engine with a graphical interface for adding elements to the layouts and forms. Firstly it was developed for the Apple Macintosh but later it was available for Microsoft Windows too. In fact, FileMaker is a multi OS Platform which supports Windows, Mac OS X, and even iOS on iPhones, iPad, iPod etc. Moreover, it even integrates with few SQL systems and php websites. And it can be used as cross platform relational database application where data can be shared between Macs and Windows PCs.

FileMaker in businesses

It is a powerful, simple-to-use tool for database management. It provides fast working and task solutions and therefore it is widely used in many small firms, business, government and educational sector as well to manage database.

Its major functions:-

FileMaker help creating database and in sharing data. It comes with built in network which enables data sharing on several computers at a time. A file is opened on one PC and it is shared on all other computers which is connected to it and on which FileMaker is running. The data is shared then and there with the help of FileMaker.

Common Issues with FileMaker database:

One of the most common issue with FileMaker is that it often gets corrupted and people start finding ways to repair and recover the damaged files. Usually, a FileMaker file tends to get corrupted due to sudden power failure and abrupt termination of the PC. And another common situation is the unexpected closing of FileMaker server or application. It is recommended to not to share FileMaker files unless it is not hosted on FileMaker server as it can lead to severe damages. Virus infection is also one of the common issue with FileMaker which can damage the FileMaker files.

FileMaker Corruption Reasons:

Corruption in any database is an inevitable situation and it could happen with even the most safe and secured database application such as FileMaker. There could be several causes for the corruption in FileMaker and few common ones are discussed here:

  1. Virus, Malware, Trojan, Spyware attack
  2. Sudden PC shutdown or system crash
  3. FileMaker is a disk based application, so if you quit the application in between the file transfer then there is much likeliness of data getting corrupted.
  4. Corruption in Layout Image
  5. Anti virus scan of the database folder
  6. Accidental deletion of important running files of FileMaker
  7. Malfunctioning of FileMaker Pro application
  8. Some hardware issues or problem in Operating System
  9. Modification or any error in auto-enter calculation field
  10. Error in index file update

So these are few of the uncalled situations and reasons when the FileMaker tends to get corrupted. There are few preventive measures which you can follow to avoid these corruption issues as follow:

  • Use an UPS will avoid the situations like abrupt termination of the PC due to power failure
  • Keep a regular backup of the data so that you don’t require any recovery process or tools.
  • FileMaker has a File limit which when exceeds, it gets corrupted. Therefore, the user should be cautious regarding this file size limit to avoid any file corruption.
  • Regularly run an anti virus program to check the existence of any virus threat into the PC.

Manual solutions to follow:-

When FileMaker data have been damaged or corrupted, there are few resolutions to recover damaged FileMaker files which you can give a try as given below:

1. Save as Compacted Copy
Click to open the File in FileMaker Pro Advanced
Go to ‘File’ in the menu bar
Put the cursor over ‘Save a Copy As’
And then select ‘Compacted Copy’
Now test the file

2. Use “Recover”
Go to File menu and then click on Recover
Now select the damaged file and click on Open
Now check the file

3. Keep a regular back up copy of the file and use in the case of such contingencies and corruption or damaged files situations.

4. Try to re-building the indexes with following the method given below for each indexed field.

Step 1:
Keep the database open and Choose ‘File’ Menu. Go to ‘Manage’ and then to ‘Database’.A dialogue box will appear, go to Fields tab. Now double click over indexed field

Step 2:

In field Dialogue Box, click on ‘Storage’ tab. Now remove index by selecting Indexing with ‘None’.Click on OK. Options for field Dialogue box will be closed.

Step 3:
Return to Define database and double click the same index field.In the option box click on ‘Storage’

Step 4:
Select indexing with ‘All’ and Put the same index in the field. Now click on OK to exit.Now Test the File for whether it has been re-established.

However it does not give satisfactory results and also requires some technical abilities. A person who is not technically versed or a novice should not try this. Moreover, it requires a lot of patience because it is time consuming process and does not give foolproof results therefore it is highly recommended to use a brilliant FileMaker Recovery Software which is a simple-to-use tool and gives successful recovery results. The advantageous Features of FileMaker Recovery Software are as follows:

  1. FileMaker recovery software is very much compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, and 10.5 Leopard
  2. It has a self-descriptive and a completely user-friendly interface which even a novice can operate.
  3. It also searches corrupted database on your Mac OS X hard drive.
  4. Fixes all corruption scenarios, no matter how severe it is and it also retrieves data corrupted due to virus attack.
  5. Recover each and every FileMaker database items like contacts, Text, Timestamps, Date, Container etc.
  6. The software can even restore the additional FileMaker database multimedia files like photos, videos, and audios etc.
  7. It previews complete Mac FileMaker recovery process,provides a safe and successful data recovery and comes with regular update utility.

FileMaker Recovery Software has been developed by expert professionals and therefore all these features of this FileMaker Recovery Software make it an excellent and highly recommended tool for FileMaker database Recovery.

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